Top 5 most popular earring designs worth having in the collection

Earrings are the most popular wearable piece of jewellery. They form the perfect duo with an aesthetically appealing updo. Less ornate, delicate models are recommended for everyday style, while gem-studded, ornate, large and long pieces are perfect for evening wear. There are several types of earrings that will always look good. Wheels, huggies or earcuffs are not only fashionable but also timeless. Every woman should have them in her collection.

  1. Delicate huggie earrings
  2. Classic circle earrings
  3. Earcuffs, an original alternative to traditional earrings
  4. Stud earrings for minimalists
  5. Pearl earrings – for elegant women

Delicate huggie earrings

Minimalists usually opt for subtle jewellery made from the noble metals of the highest quality. An exquisite option that fits perfectly with such a delicate and simple style is the yellow gold huggie earrings with diamonds. They have been made from 14-carat bullion. In addition, they are set with high-grade stones. They emphasise the festive nature of the style and, combined with an impeccable hairstyle, complete the look. They are elegant and classic, reflecting the light beautifully and shimmering in the glow of the lamps. Huggie earrings consistently impress and stand at the forefront of jewellery trends, and are cherished by women.

Classic circle earrings

Circles are the most popular type of earrings that will never go out of fashion. They are constantly back on trend through their timeless look. In the form of smaller or larger hoops, they suit both casual and festive outfits. Depending on the occasion, you can go for plain, delicate designs or more grandiose ones framed by precious stones. We offer a wide variety of hoop earrings - from classic, double hoop stud earrings, through half hoops, models with an additional pendant, to yellow gold and diamond earrings and hoops set with coloured zircons. They add elegance and are the highlight of the whole outfit.

Earcuffs, an original alternative to traditional earrings

Earcuffs are an offbeat variety of earrings that have become a permanent trend. They have successfully replaced the once popular but now archaic clip earrings. With these, you can create unique compositions on your ears. Several models of earcuffs are available in our range – classic plain ones in the form of a semicircle, as well as gold-plated and zirconia-embellished ones. These are the earrings that will perfectly complement any look. They are light, unique and original. These earrings can be either worn as a pair or individually – in which case an asymmetrical hairstyle exposing one ear will emphasise the unique effect of this type of earring.

Stud earrings for minimalists

Post earrings are definitely an everyday option. Their clasp is one of the most popular. They are extremely comfortable to wear and timeless. The designs available on the market are small, delicate and go well with casual outfit. These include classic designs such as hearts, wings and stars. However, there are more elegant patterns, such as womens gold and diamond earrings. They captivate with their sparkle and fit perfectly into the elegant character of a festive outfit. These are top picks that are not easy to ignore.

Pearl earrings – for elegant women

Pearls are a classic and timeless theme in jewellery. They are synonymous with elegance, style and sophistication. Our range includes these stones in the form of minimalist earrings set in 14K gold. They look wonderful on the ear, emphasising the unique character of the look. Pearls definitely go well with festive evening outfits. These royal jewels are stunning in their subtlety and beauty. Pearl earrings are extraordinary jewellery – they are the essence of sophistication and class. In contemporary fashion, where trends are constantly changing, these stones remain a monumental symbol that combines luxury and naturalness.

Jewellery is the perfect addition to the outfit. Earrings are one of the most popular adornments, which, when paired with an aesthetically appealing hairstyle, make the perfect combo. Whether you choose classic hoops, elegant pearls or diamond huggie earrings, you will always look great. If you often go for uniqueness in your choice of accessories, then earcuffs will be for you. For minimalists, on the other hand, subtle stud earrings will work best. The range of choices is endless, it is up to you what style you build your outfit around.