Jewellery trends for winter

The upcoming winter jewellery season will focus on gold - in a modern edition. Pearls are trending, with ear cuffs making a big comeback; circular shapes are dominant in design. In line with designers' offer for the season, earrings will be perfect as a strong accent for everyday styling and a perfect accessory to evening outfits. Dangly, glittery designs have been a jewellery must-have for several seasons, with gemstones and small crystals also dominating the collections.

  1. The magic of diamonds in a classic setting
  2. Pearls to enhance elegance and chic
  3. Shine like the brightest star
  4. Jewellery for a special occasion

The magic of diamonds in a classic setting

Diamonds are always fashionable, regardless of the circumstances. As Marilyn Monroe used to say, they are every woman's best friends. They make a gorgeous, magical combination with gold. Our collection of diamond earrings inspires awe with their unique brilliance. They are bound to steal the hearts of our female customers. Nothing prevents you from combining these unique stones with other minerals. Coloured cubic zirconia delights with colourful accents, with the diamond dominating the styling. For ladies who appreciate the classics, we recommend 14 karat diamond earrings, such as huggies. This model is timeless and pairs with any outfit and hairstyle. Our range features various shapes - from classic ovals to geometrics. Also worth noting are strongly trending ear cuffs, featuring subtle gems. They add a bit of definition to any styling.

Pearls to enhance elegance and chic

During the winter season, pearls also attract the attention of many women. They are an elegant accent in eny jewellery stiling, especially in a gold setting. This adds certain nobility to various stylings. Pearls are characterised by their timeless beauty and are considered by many to be a symbol of purity and flawlessness. They are delightful and phenomenal, emphasising class and chic. The subtle beauty of these unique gems has been rendered above all in jewellery. In our collection, they are set in earrings in 3 variants - yellow, rose and white gold. The pearl is all-natural, making these unique earrings suitable for special occasions. Despite being a minimalist proposition, it also delights those with a passion for spectacular jewellery.

Shine like the brightest star

Star jewellery is undoubtedly a timeless and winter trend. We present this theme in a singularily captivating version. This is because we recommend 14k solid gold diamond earrings in 3 available shades - the traditional yellow, the currently very fashionable pink and the delicate white. They are small, but special and unique. They will make you shine like the brightest star in the night sky. These delicate gold earrings captivate with their elegance, simplicity and class. Our collection also includes a second offering - rainbow, star-shaped earrings set on a gold triangle. This model is slightly larger, but still tiny, and delights with a rainbow of colours shimmering in the light. This model features 3 gemstones - ruby, sapphire and emerald. The combination of these minerals produces a magical, unique effect.

Jewellery for a special occasion

The winter season is a time for family gatherings, corporate events, going out with friends or carnival parties. It is therefore a great opportunity to complete phenomenal jewellery sets. Inspired by this festive trend are the 14k yellow gold diamond earrings, glimmering awesomely in neon light. Our assortment includes many interesting models - from the classic huggies, through timeless hoops and pins, to pendant earrings and original earcuffs. Winter also means Christmas and New Year's Eve - two important occasions where many women want to look special. Christmas jewellery is distinguished by its elegance, subtlety and class. For ladies who appreciate minimalism, we recommend small pin earrings, combined with a necklace and bracelet to create a delicate set. On the other hand, for women who want to go wild on New Year's Eve, we offer more impressive models, e.g. diamond hoops, long chains that beautifully emphasise the exposed neckline and signet rings.

Trends are constantly changing, including jewellery. However, there are timeless and classic proposals that will work for any occasion. Pearls and diamonds in a gold setting always look elegant and artful. On the other hand, ear cuffs and hoop earrings are original and expressive models that have stolen the hearts of many ladies. In addition, jewellery for special occasions stands out with a rainbow of sparkle and glitter. What styling would suit you best?