Trends in jewellery – what earrings will be trendy this coming season?

Jewellery is an essential accessory for any tastefully dressed woman. It complements the entire outfit, giving it a unique look. Some women see wearing earrings or a bracelet as an opportunity to express their own style and individuality. When following the latest trends in jewellery fashion, it is worth choosing proposals that are both stylish and timeless. Gold and diamonds are a combination that any enthusiast of fine jewellery is sure to appreciate.


  1. Gold hoop earrings as a nod to simplicity
  2. Drop earrings are back in style
  3. Pearls, the classics
  4. Earrings with precious stones speak elegance
  5. The most popular ear piercings
  6. Ear cuffs always in fashion

Gold hoop earrings as a nod to simplicity

The hottest thing right now are hoop earrings in all shapes and sizes. Because of their ongoing rise in popularity, they are regarded as a classic piece of jewellery. This accessory is an expression of elegance, appreciation of tradition and simplicity. In addition, 14 kt gold hoop earrings come in many shapes and sizes, so they never lose their diversity or originality.

Trends include dainty, small, medium as well as large, huge models. Users also appreciate the classic simple hoops, as well as twisted, angular, double models and even ones embellished with precious stones. Gold hoops are an eye-catching accessory that will lend freshness and character to your styling. This type of accessory is suitable for any occasion – for work, a date, a social gathering or a formal occasion. 14 kt gold hoop earrings in various forms have never gone out of fashion. We bring them back, but their form, proportions and style change.

Drop earrings are back in style

Trends in the world of jewellery are also evolving, yet some models remain consistently ahead in popularity. 14 karat gold drop earrings are always in vogue no matter the season. Thanks to their variety, you can revamp, refresh and rejuvenate your entire look. Drop earrings go well with almost any type of beauty. They are a great way to highlight your unique style and personality. 14 karat gold drop earrings add charm and balance your facial proportions, whereas long models with pendants optically elongate the face.

Dainty, lightweight ear ornaments subtly emphasise the distinctive character of the styling. Gold, in turn, adds glamour and elegance. These types of accessories perfectly blend into the aesthetics of contemporary fashion. When paired with simple, geometric pendants, these pieces of jewellery complement both casual and evening outfits.

Pearls, the classics

Pearl jewellery is a nod to elegance, tradition and simplicity. These everlasting jewels can add class to any styling, and so they go well not only with formal clothing, but casual outfits, too. 14 karat pearl earrings set in 585 sterling gold with a natural stone are now all the rage. This is a timeless option for those who value chic and natural brilliance in jewellery.

We offer delicate pearl earrings – understated and subtle, making them ideal for everyday wear. They are also suitable for special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries and corporate celebrations. Pearls are a symbol of beauty, luxury, purity and wisdom, which are attributes of every woman, so they will perfectly highlight their beauty. In addition, as 14 karat pearl earrings are so versatile, they can be paired with various precious metals and crystals, such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

Earrings with precious stones speak elegance

Wearing gemstone jewellery is a great way to highlight your connection with the natural world and to enjoy its beauty. Minerals with remarkable aesthetic features, like topaz, turquoise and opal, also possess extraordinary energetic properties. You can enjoy their positive effects on your wellbeing by wearing jewellery with these stones. Opt for earrings made of natural minerals that will dazzle you with their brilliance, originality and beautiful colours.

They add charm and elegance to your look, and will never go out of style. They go well with precious metals and other stones, including diamonds. Paired with natural gems, 14 karat yellow gold earrings are a perfect addition to formal and evening dresses. They will allow you to highlight the elegant character of your styling.

The most popular ear piercings

Piercing is now a very popular way to adorn the body. Ears are the most common piercing site, allowing a variety of earrings to be placed in them. It is, however, necessary to choose the right model for your type of piercing.

What types of ear piercings are there?

  • Lobe, or earlobe piercing – this is the simplest and most basic type of piercing. It is most often positioned in the central part of the lobe and involves the insertion of labrets. After healing, they can be replaced, for example, with 14 karat diamond earrings in the form of popular studs or hoops. Almost every woman has had this type of piercing from an early age.
  • Helix – a piercing of the upper part of the ear, which is usually performed in the area of the natural fold of the cartilage. You initially put on a labret, then you can opt for 14k yellow gold diamond huggie earrings. Their shape adapts perfectly to the anatomy of this part of the ear, also adding class, charm and elegance.
  • Daith – a piercing inside the ear at the deepest area of the shell, the so-called crus. A horseshoe piercing is usually worn until fully healed, then it can be replaced with various types of hoops.
  • Tragus – this piercing is performed on the small, convex part of the ear that is closest to the face. After sufficient healing time, delicate 14 karat gold piercing earrings, e.g. studs, can be worn.
  • Conch – is a piercing done inside the ear shell. After about 3-4 months, any type of earring can be applied to the piercing. Gold huggies with dainty diamonds will look fantastic. While minimalist, they are stunning with their beautiful sheen. However, you need to choose the right size adjusted to the anatomy of this part of the ear.

Ear cuffs always in fashion

Ear cuffs are very popular jewellery for any woman. They are easy to put on, wear and style, and do not require piercing, which can sometimes be painful. This type of earrings is an alternative to classic ear ornaments. These accessories are extremely stylish, lightweight and versatile, and are available in a wide range of styles.

They can come in the shape of a semicircle with smooth edges or decorated with precious and synthetic stones. They can be worn in pairs or individually, creating unique compositions. What we offer is an ear cuff adorned with beautiful white topazes, which goes perfectly well with 14 karat diamond earrings. Its price is highly attractive, and also corresponds to the high quality of workmanship. The subtle, wavy design of the earring adds elegance and glamour to the whole look.

Earrings are among the most popular types of jewellery. They come in many different shapes and forms – from classic hoops, through hanging models, adorned with pearls and gemstones, to ear cuffs and piercing earrings. They are the perfect finishing touch to your styling, allowing you to create original combinations in your ears. They are an expression of elegance, individuality and class, which is why so many women simply adore them.